MCC represented on "Hidden Gems"

Ninetofive Records released the beat-compilation "Hidden Gems" today. MCC is represented by Maad Phonic, Beetek and Ferm. 

Maad Phonic will also join the worldwide roster of dope beatmakers over at Ninetofive. Congrats brother! 

Take a listen over @

MoveCutClone reworks Blameful Isles

Maybe it's something in the water. Or maybe it's something in the air. Whatever it is, we like it. This is what happens when you combine super talent from diverse ranges of style, swedish astro jazz magician Blameful Isles reworked by the beat making ninjas of MoveCutClone. Enjoy the trip to the outer beat-o-sphere…

Amazing cover by Pappas Pärlor and typography by Rolf Mao.

MCC x Blameful Isles equals dopeness

We are very proud to be reworking/remixing Blameful Isles amazing work. The guy is a one man jazz psycadelia funk armada, he plays all his instruments himself. For us sample junkies it's like travelling back in time to hangout with jazz legends and be allowed to use their original recordings. Understandably we are super stoked!

Stay hooked for more info on this amazing project.

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