My first beats in over 20 months

Hey guys, Djablo here. Been a really long time since any of us in MoveCutClone posted anything here at all. Thing is, life happens. In some ways MCC does not exist anymore. In other ways it does. Many of us still make music, some more often than others. I myself not very often these days, I have been focusing on building up other things in my life, side projects is still one of my favourite things to do when not working, being a father of two and a husband.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff.

I finally recorded some beats that I mostly made late 2019 while we had our yearly winter vacation. I only had my trusted SP404SX, a GameBoy and a couple of great game cartridges to sample from. This is what came out of those sessions.

Feels great to be back making some lowfi beats again! And yeah, it's a free dl if anyone really care about stuff like that anymore in 2020

The Lowfi Dojo Returns!

After almost a full year without releasing anything remotely related to music, The Lowfi Dojo head Djablo returns with not one but two new tracks. Jazzpunk is a wild ride into the deeper jazzy vibes the man has always been very fond of. Exodust is astro travelling Djablo style. Enjoy. Btw all tracks where made with only an iPhone and the apps iMPC and Garageband. Djablo was on vacation and in the middle of a long musical hiatus without his beloved SP404. Guess beats finds a way. Boom.

FUYU - Last tape in Ferm's Season Series out now

Bump this. Last chapter in Ferm┬Ęs Season series. Tapes avaliable at our Bandcamp page

Accurate on vinyl? - Preorder through kickstarter!


Move Cut Clone member Accurate has decided to get his upcoming album "Collage" released on 12" vinyl! Here is the kickstarter campain to make it happen.
A nice and safe way to preorder the album!


New tape AKI from Ferm out on our Bandcamp and on Spotify. Enjoy

Accurate - New video on Youtube!

Accurate is back on Youtube now after the summer vacation. Starting off with 18 minutes of explained beatmaking on the OP-1.

Check it out!

Djablo explores the parallel world!

Or you could just say it's a cool vid with mind bending visuals and music. Whatever suits you.

Lots of new stuff from Djablo

Coming closer to some kind of release (cassette or digital or both), Djablo has been really busy over the summer.

Check out the progress over @ Soundcloud

Or just enjoy a couple of vids

Audio sketch pad to get shit done/down

After a long musically hiatus I have finally made progress creating new beats. I'm documenting my process on Medium, a way to pressure myself a bit.

Read it here

FERM - NATSU Out now!

We're proud to present the latest beat tape from our beloved Move Cut Clone member Ferm!

Double A sided cassette tape. Artwork on tape varies. Comes with A4 artwork poster. Edition of 80 Includes unlimited streaming of NATSU via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
ships out within 5 days


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