New tape AKI from Ferm out on our Bandcamp and on Spotify. Enjoy


Djablo explores the parallel world!

Or you could just say it's a cool vid with mind bending visuals and music. Whatever suits you.

Limited edition cassette out now

Djablo's "Pulpofision" cassette album is out now via Ill Catz Records, Belgium. Go get it here: https://illcatzrecords.bandcamp.com/

To celebrate, Djablo put together this video featuring a hidden bonus track:

Djablo on the process of making an album

Djablo shares his thoughts on the "magical" process of making an album. Good read it over at Medium.

Ferm Beats - Jaadu // Accurate - Escape From The Zoo - Cassette Release November 13 2015

Ferm Beats & Accurate join forces and releases Jaadu//Escape from the zoo. Out on limited cassette and digital november 13th.

Here are two tracks to check out right now: 

Ferm Beats - Kites

Accurate - We Fell In Love

Have an amazing weekend!

The Tape Deck Review

I have started reviewing tapes that I really enjoy over @ Medium, I call it the Tape Deck Review. There are so much great beat music coming out on cassette right now that I felt a need for something like this. Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I do writing them. 

The introduction is a great place to start or just skip that and head on directly to my first review, Kuartz - Kuartz Beat Tape.

Djablo gets his Lowfi Dojo on…

After months of hard DIY work it's finally done. Limited to only 36 copies it comes numbered, bundled with stickers, a lovely iBook Read-a-long cassette book and a couple of hidden surprises. Available now, will ship world wide. Jooooy! Go here…

Move Cut Clone - Sampler Science Volume 2. Cassette and fanzine OUT NOW

We just finished the work with everything that is Sampler Science Volume 2. The result is:

"Move Cut Clone - Sampler Science Volume 2". A cassette with 40 minutes of beats from our nine beatmakers. This is also available on Spotify and iTunes! 

"The Sampler Science Volume 2 Companion. Art Showcase!" This is a 20 pages fanzine from our five visual artist. The perfect product to rest your eyes on while enjoying the music. The only way to fully get into the "Move Cut Clone" mindset. 

You will find all great money-saving bundles HERE

Cop that tape!

At last, our brand new cassette is available via our Bandcamp for purchase and world wide delivery. Yummy! Soon also our fanzine and great bundles. 

Buy it here!

From Sthlm to GBG with love

Today saw the release of our latest cassette Sampler Science Volume 2 and this short little video shows Djablos journey from Stockholm to Gothenburg, a 3 1/2 hour train ride with his family.

The turn-up was great and the live beats and live painting (by Mikel Nilsson) kicked ass.

Watch the video here.

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