Ferm live @ Sockerbruket, Gothenburg

This is the third and last video we'll post from our latest beat showcase.

This time its Ferm whos doing his thing on the Roland SP-404sx. This live set contains everything you'll ever need when it comes to instrumental beats.

Watch out for more of our events in the future and enjoy this video!

Accurate Live @ Sockerbruket, Gothenburg

Another Saturday, another live video from our latest showcase!

This time it's Accurate, blasting off beats from his Maschine MK2 and the OP-1. 33 minutes of great stuff!

Next week we will post the last video from this event featuring non other than Ferm!

MCC represented on "Hidden Gems"

Ninetofive Records released the beat-compilation "Hidden Gems" today. MCC is represented by Maad Phonic, Beetek and Ferm. 

Maad Phonic will also join the worldwide roster of dope beatmakers over at Ninetofive. Congrats brother! 

Take a listen over @ ninetofiverecords.com

Promo video for Djablo's Pulpofision

Nostalgia rejoice! Thanks to our friends over at Nekubi Tapes we now have a release album video teaser for Djablo's upcoming cassette exclusive "Pulpofision". Out on Ill Catz Records in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more!

Ribbs - ' ' A Band Of Parts ≤ Rips, Cuts, Loops and New waves ' '

Just listen and enjoy this magic track!

Ribbs - A Band Of Parts ≤ Rips, Cuts, Loops and New waves

Djablo - You Said Goodbye (animated lofi video)

Djablo is back with a soon-to-be-release cassette album "Pulpofision" on belgian Ill Catz Records. Here's a lofi animated video he did using only his deranged brain and an iPad. Cheers!

Beats and animation by Djablo.

Djablo on the process of making an album

Djablo shares his thoughts on the "magical" process of making an album. Good read it over at Medium.

Ferm Beats - Jaadu // Accurate - Escape From The Zoo - Cassette Release November 13 2015

Ferm Beats & Accurate join forces and releases Jaadu//Escape from the zoo. Out on limited cassette and digital november 13th.

Here are two tracks to check out right now: 

Ferm Beats - Kites

Accurate - We Fell In Love

Have an amazing weekend!

The Tape Deck Review

I have started reviewing tapes that I really enjoy over @ Medium, I call it the Tape Deck Review. There are so much great beat music coming out on cassette right now that I felt a need for something like this. Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I do writing them. 

The introduction is a great place to start or just skip that and head on directly to my first review, Kuartz - Kuartz Beat Tape.

Accurate beat making video

In his own words:

This is my entry for maschinemasters beat making video contest. 

Shout out to maschinemasters and all the awesome sponsors for doing stuff like this!

I made my beat with a Maschine MK1, OP-1 synth and a turntable. I will arrange the song later on to make it a full track but this version will do for now.

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