FUYU - Last tape in Ferm's Season Series out now

Bump this. Last chapter in Ferm┬Ęs Season series. Tapes avaliable at our Bandcamp page



New tape AKI from Ferm out on our Bandcamp and on Spotify. Enjoy


MCC represented on "Hidden Gems"

Ninetofive Records released the beat-compilation "Hidden Gems" today. MCC is represented by Maad Phonic, Beetek and Ferm. 

Maad Phonic will also join the worldwide roster of dope beatmakers over at Ninetofive. Congrats brother! 

Take a listen over @ ninetofiverecords.com

Artist Spotlight - Ribbs

Time to shine a light on the talented mr Ribbs, enjoy and TURN IT UP

Ferm Beats & Accurate - Jaadu // Escape from the zoo - OUT NOW

Jaadu // Escape from the zoo is the combined beattape from Ferm Beats and Accurate. These guys met and found common ground through the MoveCutClone collective prior to the the release of Sampler Science vol.1 in 2014. Jaadu // Escape from the zoo contains over 20 minutes of beats per beatmaker and is the result of endless digging in recordstores and fleamarkets and (too)many graveyardshifts behind samplers.

This project took a while to finish since Ferm Beats and Accurate did everything themselves from sampling records, sequencing beats, mixing and mastering the tracks to designing the cover, duplicating the cassettes and what not. 

Its a beat journey that showcase the two producers different ideas and creative processes that they've been working on thoughout this year. The beattape is now available for free streaming and the cassette can be ordered from "Releases" on top of this site. 

Alongside this 43 minute beattape Ferm Beats and Accurate also dropped a video for two of the tracks from Jaadu // Escape from the zoo. This video features skaters from the great Magic Mountain Crew.
In short: The best of two worlds


Accurate - Forever / Ferm Beats - Jaadu

The beattape:Ferm Beats & Accurate - Jaadu / Escape from the zoo 



Bandcamp (Cassette also available)


Ferm Beats - Jaadu // Accurate - Escape From The Zoo - Cassette Release November 13 2015

Ferm Beats & Accurate join forces and releases Jaadu//Escape from the zoo. Out on limited cassette and digital november 13th.

Here are two tracks to check out right now: 

Ferm Beats - Kites

Accurate - We Fell In Love

Have an amazing weekend!

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