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Beetek - Beats All & Everything EP

It was really time to do this! A checkpoint for me to end this amazing year I've had the best way possible. Made for you to nod your head, and for me to move ahead with new things to push my creativity forward. 2015 will hopefully be even more of new beats, new people, new challenges.
Personally I feel that I've improved my sound, reaching back a couple of years in my productions to when I've had the most fun. That's the way to describe it I think.

I wanna thank all my friends in the Move Cut Clone family for bringing my inspiration on top, and for always being there for me, love you guys! And of course extra love to my girlfriend Jessica, and my son Dylan. Blessed with having you all around me.

There will be a second EP coming this spring, hope you will enjoy!
Digital release edition. 6 track EP with smooth beats to nod your head to. Out on Spotify and iTunes.
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