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Sampler Science Volume Two - Cassette & Digital

During our life time we move on paths that takes us closer to what will be the final result of us as humans. We shed skin and evolve as we fine tune ourselves when we slowly find who and what we are. The same thing can be said about MoveCutClone and the Sampler Science mixtape series. It can be seen as some sort of collection in the line of the lost tapes of MoveCutClone where the members evolve and mutate into something bigger for each release. Since the start of MoveCutClone in 2014 the collective has gone from a slightly confused crew with millions of ideas into a group of beat makers and artists with an established agenda and a plan to make an impression on the international scene. One year has passed since the collective was started and as a celebration of the anniversary MoveCutClone presents Sampler Science Vol 2. 
Limited edition cassette, only 100 50 copies available. Comes numbered and with stickers. Digital release included as FLAC, MP3 or WAV.
Also comes with a free digital release fanzine.
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