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Sampler Science Volume One - Cassette & Digital

Imagine you were taken to a desert island much like the one in the TV-show “Lost”. Imagine you were Desmond, the Australian responsible for pressing a button once in a while. Imagine you only had a bunch of old vinyls and a very strange funky 70s machine that was able to reproduce the sounds you would input. Or having Professor Baltazars Magical Machine. That is the mind-set behind Sampler Science Volume One. Themes like the isolation of the soul, to be alone, the beauty that comes from restriction and self-exclusion from the real world. This is the place were we go and create amazing things.

This is the first joint release from the creative collective Move Cut Clone. A 40 minute cassette that features the 9 beatmakers of the crew. Nothing but instrumental goodness with influences coming from several places, jazz, electronic, cartoons we used to watch as kids or just gaming consoles we never had.
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Limited edition cassette, only 100 40 copies available. Comes numbered and with stickers. Digital release included as FLAC, MP3 or WAV.
Also comes with a free digital release book.
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