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Djablo - The Equity Plane

Somethings change you forever. Or sometimes it’s just revisiting early memories that do the trick. Not sure what happened but something did change inside of Djablo when visiting the beautiful lake Garda in Italy the summer of 2014. Lurking shadowy and sleepy eternal mountains speaking long forgotten words from languages that never were supposed to be understood by humans. ”The Equity Plane” is Djablos first solo release in over 2 years and it’s his most personal to date. He has finally learned the great skill of listening to himself. And the result is astounding.

The tracks are based almost entirely on cheap second-hand vinyl samples and ripped Youtube movies which gives the whole album a detachment from current or future musical trends.
Digital release edition. 12 track album including a remix by the amazing Ribbs. Out on all major digital distributors including Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon and Google Play.
All videos shot, edited and post produced by Juan Fernando Maguid aka Djablo.
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